About KVH Kosher

As one of the oldest Kosher certifying organizations,with close to a century of expertise, KVH Kosher is one of the top kosher certification agencies in North America. Our expertise is in all aspects of Kosher certification from large manufacturing facilities to small food service operations – both locally and throughout the world.

The KVH maintains a comprehensive support team, with a core of account specialists who are knowledgeable both in the realm of Kosher Law, as well as in modern food production. Our team of supervisors collaborate with manufacturers and retailers to ensure that KVH certified products and establishments truly comply with the highest Kosher standards.

We believe that the integrity of a Kosher program starts with education. From consumer education about what makes a product kosher, to employee training gaining appreciation of your company’s Kosher program.

KVH Kosher is a division of the Rabbinical Council of New England, who’s Beis Din of Greater Boston (Jewish ecclesiastical court) governs our standards and policies.

Worldwide the KVH symbol is trusted by manufacturers & consumers as a symbol of choice, signifying full compliance with the highest kosher standards & the highest quality.

KVH Kosher is your way to go Kosher.