Certified Pas Yisroel List 5778

For the Year 5778 (2017)

Many Jews observe a custom that baked goods eaten between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur be Pas Yisroel (have Jewish involvement in the baking.) (See Shulchan Orach O.C. 603:1.) The following establishments are currently certified Pas Yisroel by KVH Kosher of The Rabbinical Council of New England.

Retail Establishments Certified Pas Yisroel

  • Creative Pastries – Catering by Andrew: 402 Harvard St, Brookline
  • The Butcherie – Fresh Bakery Department: 428 Harvard Street, Brookline
  • Café Eilat: 406 Harvard Street, Brookline
  • Cheryl Ann’s of Brookline: 1010 West Roxbury Parkway, Chestnut Hill
  • Kupel’s Bakery: 421 Harvard Street, Brookline
  • Life’s A Bagel: 29 Washington Street, Canton
  • Rosenfeld Bagel Co.: 1280 Centre Street, Newton Centre
  • Rami’s Restaurant: 324 Harvard Street, Brookline
  • Zaydes Family Marketplace – Fresh Bakery Department: 15 Washington St, Canton
  • Shaw’s/Star Market: – In-Store Kosher Bakeries
    1. Allston: 1065 Commonwealth Ave., Boston
    2. Brighton: 370 Western Ave , Brighton
    3. Sudbury: 509 Boston Post Road, Sudbury

Industrial Bakeries Certified Pas Yisroel

Please Note: Some bakeries below manufacture products under many brands. The source of a product can be identified by its CT License number. For example, a bread product branded as Shaw’s/Star Market, Stop and Shop, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market, etc., bearing #3643 on the label, would be Pas Yisroel.

  • Bernardino’s Bakery: 105 Exchange Street, Chicopee
  • Fantini Baking Company CT#3642: 375 Washington Street, Haverhill
  • Gold Medal Bakery CT #3643: 1397 Bay Street, Fall River
  • Please Note: English muffins with CT #3643 are not P.Y.
  • International Natural Bakery: 128 Arlington St, Watertown
  • La Ronga Bakery CT#11666: 599 Somerville Avenue, Somerville
  • New England Country Pies CT#14945: 161 – B Pleasant Street, Lynn
  • Original Bagel Company: 2 Fairfield Crescent, West Caldwell, New Jersey
  • When Pigs Fly CT#10308: 40 Brickyard Court, York, Maine
  • Bread & Circus Bakery (Whole Foods Market): 300 Middlesex Ave, Medford

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