Promoting Your Kosher Status

How To Promote Your Company As Kosher

Here are 3 steps to maximize the use of your KVH Kosher certification
Use the KVH Symbol on your kosher certified products
All products that are KVH Kosher certified as listed in the KVH Kosher Letter of Certification should have the KVH logo printed on the label in a manner that is easily seen.

For example, if you have a consumer product that is kosher certified, the best place to have the kosher logo is on the front of the packaging. Printing it on the back may miss the eye of the kosher consumer. That’s over 25 million people worldwide looking for the kosher logo on food products. Today’s consumer is not deterred by price; it’s the quality they seek.

If your product is an industrial product, then the KVH Symbol should be printed clearly on the front label, box, drum, bag, etc. Make sure you use the right KVH Kosher Symbol especially if it a dairy certified product. The letter ‘D’ is required to be added next to the KVH Symbol to denote the dairy status. Check the KVH Kosher Letter of Certification and contact your KVH Kosher Liaison if you have any questions.

2. Promote your kosher status
Marketing your kosher certification can prove to be a powerful sales tool. Use the KVH Symbol in all your marketing material, posters, brochures, website and even name cards. This will ensure that clients know that you are KVH Kosher Certified and you can then start the task of selling your product and its benefits. Scanning the kosher certificate and having it readily downloadable from your website can save a lot of time to help companies make easy decisions on choosing you as their supplier.

3. Educate your staff and workers on your kosher status
Educating all the staff about the kosher status of the company is not only a strategic marketing tactic but it helps staff understand the importance of what kosher is about and how to make the best of the information. You never know when staff from the laboratory or factory floor to the marketing and managerial team will meet potential clients. Ensure that all your members of staff know that your plant is KVH Kosher certified and specifically what products are kosher certified. Many times, only the factory manager seems to know about the kosher status of the plant and the marketing staff are not even aware of who certifies the plant.