Our Symbol

The KVH Kosher Symbol

A Kosher Symbol indicates that a product may be consumed by all those who observe Kosher dietary laws, as well as by many others who have special dietary requirements. For example those who are lactose intolerant look for a Kosher Symbol that indicates that the product is free of dairy ingredients and those who are vegetarian use a Kosher logo as a guide that the product is free of animal based ingredients.

But in the public eye it has come to mean far more. Today, manufacturers and consumers alike view the KVH Kosher Symbol as an independent verification of quality and integrity. The KVH Kosher Symbol is used by many companies to this effect.

The KVH Kosher Symbol is a registered trademark of the Rabbinical Council of New England. It can only be used on products certified Kosher by KVH Kosher as listed on a current KVH Kosher Letter of Certification. Its unauthorized use is a violation of trademark laws. Our rights in this regard are enforced to the fullest extent of the law. The KVH Symbol may not be used until a written contract has been executed with KVH Kosher.

To get a high resolution KVH Symbol please email gokosher@kvhkosher.org