KVH Kosher- Providing modern Kosher services with old fashion customer care.

Rabbi Moshe Kaufman | Kashrus Administrator

Rabbi Kaufman attended Yeshiva Bais Binyamin (Stamford, CT) and then Yeshiva Bais Yosef (Brooklyn, NY) where he received Rabbinical ordination. He studied practical kashrut application with the world renowned kashrut experts while working for the major certifying agencies in North America.   Rabbi Kaufman joined KVH Kosher as the Food Service Coordinator. His years of experience in Food Service & Industrial  Kashrut have revolutionized  operations at KVH Kosher, fine tuning the relationship between Kosher laws and client service. He now serves as Kashrus Administrator, overseeing operations across North America and abroad. Rabbi Kaufman brings to KVH Kosher almost a decade of Kashrus expertise working for a number of international Kashrus organizations. His travels and experiences cover a wide array of Kashrus areas including the intricacies of  Kosher wine/grape juice and meat operations.


Rabbi Zvi Solomon | Kosher Liason

A gifted administrator and a rising star on the KVH team. Rabbi Solomon  coordinates our extensive groups of Chain Stores with kosher Offerings, such as the in-store Bakeries at Stop & Shop and Shaw’s , as well as JP Licks, FoMu & our local Bagel Shops. He also serves as our resident expert on the topic of Infestation of Fruits & Vegetables.


Rabbi Azriel Blumberg Kosher Liason

Rabbi Blumberg is the man that gets it done. Besides keeping up to date with his group of companies, he also spearheads many KVH Special Projects.


Rabbi Saul Epstein Kosher Liaison – Midwest Region

Rabbi Saul Epstein | Mid-West

Back at home in the mid-west, after years of service coordinating our Food Service department in Boston.